Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Start 199.8
Day 2 202.4 (Load +2.6)
Day 3 206.6 (Load +4.2)   Good CRIMENY!!!
Day 4 203.4 (-3.2)
Day 5 201.2 (-2.2)
Day 6 199.8 (-1.4)
Day 7 199.4 (-0.4)
Day 8 198.0 (-1.4)
Day 9 199.4 (+1.4)
Day 10 198.8 (-0.6)

Total Lost 1.0 lbs

I was confusing myself with the format I was using on counting my days.  So I've redone it.  I will say this......if someone had told me that I would only be 1 lb down after 10 days of HCG, I'd be livid.  Well here I am and I am not upset.  I am actually ok with it and this is why.  Considering all the weight that I gained on my load days and a huge cheat that I did earlier this week.

The family and I were spending a day of shopping and running errands in the big city.  It was getting late and time to go home.  Wife and kids were hungry so they wanted to stop somewhere.  Wife was more than willing to find a place that would work on my diet (there is no such place).  As we discussed it, I was staring at a large Outback Steakhouse sign.  It is my favorite restaurant.  I gave into the craving and rationalized on a small steak and plain steamed veggy.  By the time we got inside, I was smelling the aussie cheese fries (my favorite treat in the world).  The mighty Nate has fallen.  I made it through the entire 40 day protocol earlier this year without a single cheat.  Can't say that this time.  I ended up eating the cheese fries, a delicious salad smothered in ranch, a modest 6oz sirloin steak and steamed broccoli.  It was then topped off with sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting. that cheating?   hahahaha

Do I regret it?  Actually, no.  It felt so delicious and comforting.  I wish I had more will power.  It set me back a bit, but not forever.  I'm already back on track and doing fine.  I paid the price and am moving forward.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

VLCD Day #4

Start weight 199.8

Day #1 206.6 (+6.8 Sheeeeesh)
Day #2 203.4 (-3.2)
Day #3 201.2 (-2.2)
Day #4 199.8 (-1.4)

Total Lost 0

The numbers over the last 3 days are impressive.  A little overshadowed by 0 for total lost.  Thats what you get when you gain 7 lbs during loading.

I did go on a pretty intense mountain bike ride yesterday morning.  Felt a little weak half way through, but otherwise great.  I do want to do slightly more exercise this time around to see if it will help keep the losses up.

I also have a friend who has been asking questions about the diet.  He will not do it with hcg.  Despite my warnings he wants to prove that it is just the VLCD creating the weightloss and that hcg is just a placebo effect.  He's been doing well for about 3 days now.  He has been eating only meat and veggies with no carbs and probably more realistically around 1000 calories.  He's hungry all the time.

Friday, May 1, 2009

VLCD Day #3

Start weight 199.8

VLCD Day #1 206.6 (+6.8 Sheeeeesh)
VLCD Day #2 203.4 (-3.2)
VLCD Day #3 201.2 (-2.2)

Total Lost +1.4lbs

A little frustrating to know that with 2 great losses, I'm still only losing the load day weight.  Doesn't really count, ya know?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

VLCD Day #2

Start weight 199.8

VLCD Day #1 206.6 (+6.8 Sheeeeesh)
VLCD Day #2 203.4 (-3.2)

Total Lost +3.6lbs

I cannot believe that I gained nearly 7lbs on my loading days.  I almost threw up all over the stinkin scale when I saw that.  Doesn't help the fact that I was stuffed to the max anyway.  But I survived.  I can honestly say that I didn't eat nearly as much this time around as I did on my load days the first time.  Kinda funny how I only gained 2 lbs back then and 7 this time.  At least half of it is already gone, now for the other half.

Had the slight headache through the second half of the day yesterday.  So far today I'm doing just fine.  I wasn't hungry all day yesterday.  

an apple   

100g grilled chicken breast with Mrs. Dash
3oz of lettuce smothered in vinegar/seasonings

100g cottage cheese

Drank about 1 gallon of water throughout the day.

Thats it!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Loaded & Ready

Round 2

Start weight 199.8
Load day #1 203.0

Just finished load day #2.  My start weight for this round is 199.8.  After load day #1 I ballooned to 203.o.  I am dreading what the result will be tomorrow.  I hate seeing anything back over 200 lbs.  Thank goodness it will only last a day or 2 then it's down under 200 forever.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My apologies for the delay.  It has been nearly a month of extreme business.  I have been so involved in other projects that my updates on blogging and youtube have been nil.  Fret not for I am still here.

I returned to a normal diet after stabilization several weeks ago.  As you already know, I seemed to lock in about a 7-8 lb gain when I cheated horribly during the first 1-2 weeks of stabilization.  I have held steady at that "gain/loss".  I have sat rock solid at 200lbs.  Yes, I gained back some weight, but the good part is that despite periods of junk food festivities, I've maintained.

I will be starting another phase of hcg.  My goal for this round will be 175lbs.  My wife's birthday is Sunday, so I will be celebrating with her and calling that a load day.  I'm thinking Sunday and Monday will be load days and Tuesday will start VLCD.  I already have my hcg and other supplies.  Wish me luck and thank you for the support.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A day in the life

It has been a couple of weeks.  Everything is going fine.  I have managed to keep my weight pretty steady since my bumpy road.  I now fluctuate about 3-4 lbs over what I ended on the protocol.  I am happy with the fact that I'm maintaining where I'm at.

As I've mentioned, there is another round of hcg on my horizon.  I'm looking at a start time of around the 3rd week of April.  My goal for the next round will be 175 lbs.  That will require a 20 lb loss from where I am now.  Totally attainable based on my track record.  Boy I sure am looking forward to that.

Just about everyone I know is inquiring and doing hcg now.  Kinda funny how it is taking the world by storm.  I don't even think I could count all the people I know that are doing it now.  I get them coming up to me on a daily basis now asking about how I did it and what they can do to be a part.  Now I am also learning tricks and tidbits from their experiences in addition to my own.  This has been fun and I'm looking forward to what the next chapter will bring.

Since losing 30 lbs, I have picked up my exercise/activity level and plan on keeping it up.  Running is so much easier than I can ever remember.  I went for a run yesterday and was speechless when I finished and wasn't wishing for death.  I am getting an introductory glimpse into the way runners feel when they actually start doing it for the enjoyment.  That has always been so foreign to me.  I've only ever run for stamina and weight loss.  Now I might be able to start enjoying it.