Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A day in the life

It has been a couple of weeks.  Everything is going fine.  I have managed to keep my weight pretty steady since my bumpy road.  I now fluctuate about 3-4 lbs over what I ended on the protocol.  I am happy with the fact that I'm maintaining where I'm at.

As I've mentioned, there is another round of hcg on my horizon.  I'm looking at a start time of around the 3rd week of April.  My goal for the next round will be 175 lbs.  That will require a 20 lb loss from where I am now.  Totally attainable based on my track record.  Boy I sure am looking forward to that.

Just about everyone I know is inquiring and doing hcg now.  Kinda funny how it is taking the world by storm.  I don't even think I could count all the people I know that are doing it now.  I get them coming up to me on a daily basis now asking about how I did it and what they can do to be a part.  Now I am also learning tricks and tidbits from their experiences in addition to my own.  This has been fun and I'm looking forward to what the next chapter will bring.

Since losing 30 lbs, I have picked up my exercise/activity level and plan on keeping it up.  Running is so much easier than I can ever remember.  I went for a run yesterday and was speechless when I finished and wasn't wishing for death.  I am getting an introductory glimpse into the way runners feel when they actually start doing it for the enjoyment.  That has always been so foreign to me.  I've only ever run for stamina and weight loss.  Now I might be able to start enjoying it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have been pretty discouraged as you can probably tell over the weight I gained over the vacation.  I just received my most recent shipment of hcg this week and was intent on starting again very soon. 

New plan......I am going to use the next 4-6 weeks to eat right and exercise regularly.  I want to shed these pounds I gained without hcg.  Once I am back down to my LIW, it will be cause for celebration.  I'm doing well so far.  My running is going great with the beautiful weather outside.  I'm sore everyday because of my weight training.  I am not weighing myself everyday because it plays games with your mind when you're not on hcg.  I have lost 2 lbs of the gain so far and am happy about that.  

Stay tuned because my next round of hcg will put me into the 170's.  I will be thinner and healthier than I've ever been in my life.  Lovin it!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reality Check

I have gained a few pounds back through  no other fault than my own.  That trip last week was really bad for dieting.  I really didn't think much about it while I was gone so I enjoyed the trip.  It was only once I got home that I really started holding myself accountable.  I didn't want to weigh myself because I knew there would be a gain.  During the vacation I found myself eating exactly how I always have and what got me to the fat stage in the first place.  

Since getting home, I've done very well with keeping up my exercise.  I've picked up the distance in my running and begun weight training again.  I haven't done as much with the diet as I should.  I have cut back the sheer volume of food but not quality.  I had 2.5 slices of Pizza Hut pizza last night.  It's bad that I had pizza but good that I only had 2.5 slices.  In my "previous life" I could have easily consumed 6 slices.  So you can kinda see where I'm coming from.  I've told myself that I will not slip back into old habits.  I am not going to be too hard on myself because all that does is make me miserable.  Instead, today is a new day.  It's beautiful outside so I gotta go do some light cardio.  I will watch more closely what I eat and stay with lean protein and complex carbs.  I will keep the sugar to a minimum.  Thats a really hard part because I have such a sweet tooth.  My portions will remain reasonable.  I will eat slowly and consciously to prevent the overeating.  

Starting today I am going to track everything that I'm eating.  I will track my calories and ensure that I'm not consuming stupidly high numbers.  I may post those numbers here if it doesn't bore you to death.

I know you're wanting to know, so here it is.  My weight now after such a folly filled week +:

LIW 192.8
Current 198.4

A gain of nearly 6 lbs in just over a week.  Unacceptable and "like early stages of some cancers" CORRECTABLE if addressed NOW.