Saturday, May 2, 2009

VLCD Day #4

Start weight 199.8

Day #1 206.6 (+6.8 Sheeeeesh)
Day #2 203.4 (-3.2)
Day #3 201.2 (-2.2)
Day #4 199.8 (-1.4)

Total Lost 0

The numbers over the last 3 days are impressive.  A little overshadowed by 0 for total lost.  Thats what you get when you gain 7 lbs during loading.

I did go on a pretty intense mountain bike ride yesterday morning.  Felt a little weak half way through, but otherwise great.  I do want to do slightly more exercise this time around to see if it will help keep the losses up.

I also have a friend who has been asking questions about the diet.  He will not do it with hcg.  Despite my warnings he wants to prove that it is just the VLCD creating the weightloss and that hcg is just a placebo effect.  He's been doing well for about 3 days now.  He has been eating only meat and veggies with no carbs and probably more realistically around 1000 calories.  He's hungry all the time.


Ailu said...

Tell your friend that he will absolutely lose just as much weight as someone without HCG. But he will likely gain it all back, and maybe even damage his health in the process. Reason being studies show HCG spares and protects protein. If he does a VLCD without it, his body will feed off not only his fat stores, but his protein stores as well - all his muscles will lose protein - including his heart. Not a good thing. Also, the body's metabolism is largely dependent on the amount of muscle it has. Losing muscle will greatly reduce his metabolic rate, so as soon as he eats normally, he will start gaining it all back. So with HCG, it's not how *much* you loose that is so awesome about it - it's *what* you lose - fat and only fat - leaving your metabolism in tact. This never happens on a VLCD alone.

Ali said...

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